1. Agree to these three principles.

A.   Both the bride and groom must be followers of Jesus, individually professing a growing, personal relationship with Jesus as their Lord and Savior. The Bible instructs the church to insure those in a marriage relationship are “equally-yoked” (2 Corinthians 6:14-18). Because the Bible is so clear on the importance of spiritual compatibility in marriage, Christian Life Center (CLC) will not marry non-Christians or a Christian to a non-Christian.

B.   The bride and groom must abstain from living together and sexual intimacy. We believe God’s best intentions for us are found in His Word, the Bible. In the Bible God gives clear boundaries for the use of His gift of sex. Sexual relationships are to be expressed only within the protective boundaries of the marriage covenant. Within marriage we are provided the commitment and safe space to develop the best possible sexual relationship, and we are protected from the consequences of using sex outside of marriage. 

  C.   The bride and groom must be involved in the life of CLC. Because we see marriage as a sacred covenant . . . a lifetime commitment . . . the connection with faith community is critical. The church provides the support, encouragement, and accountability needed to help couples hold on to their commitment to each other, and to grow together as followers of Christ. You do not need to be a member of Christian Life Center to be married here; however, you must attend regularly (two times a month) before you begin the marriage preparation. Be sure to sign the Connection Pad when you attend service - this shows us your attendance. Our hope is that couples married at CLC will continue to grow together as active participants in a Next Step Group and in service for God.

2. Complete the Pre-Marriage Profile at least six months before you want to get married.

Complete the Pre-Marriage Profile at least six months before you want to get married.

This is the minimum time needed to fully prepare the couple for marriage and it helps ensure the facility is available. Once your profile form is submitted and you meet the above prerequisites, the Wedding Ministry Administrative Assistant will contact and verify availability of a pastor for you. The pastor you request will be contacted first, or another pastor will be assigned if your first choice is not available. Then a date will be set for your first meeting.



3. Secure your wedding date

After the pastor who will marry you determines your "marriage-ability", you will be contacted to determine a date for your wedding. Your wedding date can only be reserved with a signed contract (Wedding Rental/Property Policy) and a paid refundable deposit.

4. Meet your mentor couple

5. Meet with your wedding coordinator

Typically, four months before the wedding date. A CLC Wedding Coordinator is a required liaison between you and the church. You will be richly blessed by our coordinators and all that they bring to the planning of your wedding and to the "pulling off" of your special event!

6. Enjoy your big day!

We want your wedding to be one of the most joyous occasions in your life. Through this process it is our desire to assist you in making sure you’ve selected the right mate, celebrate your relationship with them, and your commitment to God and them! If you have any questions that are not addressed here or in the Wedding Guidebook, contact us and we will assist you!